What undertale soul r u?

What undertale soul r u?

find out wat undertale soul u r! i tried my very best on this so plz dont be mean 2 me.

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What do people see u as?

confident, encouraging, willing 2 take risks regardless of the danger ahead and troubles u will get into
patient, laid-back, and always waiting 4 the perfect oppturnity
motivating/inspiring, tough, and able 2 go out of your way 2 achieve something regardless of the difficulties that come your
friendly, caring, always concerned about your friends well-being
honest, reliable, trying 2 make the people around u happy
optimistic, enthusiastic, always going for what u desire despite the troubles
fair, determined, driven to do whatever they feel is correct but not just 4 themselves but 4 everyone around them

Now... Out of these, wats fits u the most?

Determined :3
Patient c:
Brave uwu
Integrity o3o
Perseverance :3
Kind xDDDD
Justice ^_^ RAWR

Wat would u do if u somebody disrespected you? Like disrespected you horribly?

Ignore it. It would not be necesary to disrespect them back anyways they might be in a bad mood or something happened but regardless i have other things 2 do.
I dont deserve 2 be disrespected. It is highly unnecesary for them to do dat. I dont care if they were in a bad mood or not I will confront them about what they did.
Maybe I did something wrong! Ill see if anything happen and if they dont want 2 talk about if then dats fine. But I will do my best 2 at least make them feel better! No matter frickin wat!
I would be confused but maybe angry at the same time and I would probably disrespect them back or give them some silent treatment.
U will not stand 4 this. You will lecture and tell them wat they did wrong and if they do this to anybody else you will confront them about it and tell them that there behavior is not needed and if there upset they should at least try not 2 take it out on others. You do this because you feel it is right.
Your not sure what you would do..... Maybe stand up to them and do what u think is right...
You have mixed feelings about this. But u will let the person be to calm down if they want 2 be alone for now. You will try to check up on them in a couple of minutes or hours 2 check if there alright or ask what happened and maybe try 2 listen to there problems. Maybe even be forgiving to. Even tho u know there disrespect wasnt needed, u feel as if they were dealing with there own problems and extremely frustrated.
Sorry wat was dat? I was 2 busy roasting the person who disrespected me! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Wat do u usually like 2 find in people?

Somebody who will get the job done and not give up easily.
Somebody who believes in themself and very confident and will keep moving on there feet even with the difficulties being thrown at them.
Someone who can deal with things easily without getting impalsive.
Somebody who is willing 2 take a risky challenge and wont let anybody stop them from doing what they love the most.
Someone who plays fair and observant.
A person who is forgiving and insightful but also honest.
Somebody who wont ignore me and will listen 2 what i need 2 say and my advice and not stubborn either.

Which one fits u the most out of these?


Last but not least! Wats ur fav color out of these? :33

Light Blue