Which mountain state do you belong in?

Which mountain state do you belong in?

Montana,Wyoming,Utah,Arizona,Idaho,Nevada,Colorado or New Mexico? Try this to find out!

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Favourite state nickname?

Treasure State
Cowboy State
Beehive State
Gem State
Grand Canyon State
Silver State
Centennial State
Land of Enchantment

Which sounds most like you?

free spirit

Favourite nickname for yourself?

New Mexican

Most interesting fact?

The Yogo Sapphire from this state is the only North American gem to be included in the Crown Jewels of England.
Devils Tower in this state was designated as the first National Monument (1906)
This state has five national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef.
In this state law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.
The original London Bridge was shipped stone-by-stone and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City,which is in this state.
In 1899 Charles Fey of this state invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell. The device became the model for all slots to
The United States Air Force Academy is located in this state.
This state hass the highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level.

which famous person would you rather meet?

michelle williams
matthew fox
julianne hough
aaron paul
emma stone
jimmy kimmel
tim allen
neil patrick harris

Favourite lyric from a state song?

Glory of the West.Of all the states from coast to coast,You're easily the best.
In the nation's banner free,There's one star that has for me,A radiance pure and splendor like the sun;
Blessed from Heaven above.It's the land that we love.This is the place.
There's truly one state in this great land of ours,Where ideals can be realized.The pioneers made it so for you and me,A legacy
we'll always prize.
While all around, about us,The brave, unconquered band,As guardians and landmarks,The giant mountains stand.
Here is the land which I love the best,Fairer than all I can see.Deep in the heart of the golden west
Where the snowy peaks gleam in the moonlight,above the dark forests of pine,And the wild foaming waters dash onward,toward
lands where the tropic stars shine;
Under a sky of azure,Where balmy breezes blow,Kissed by the golden sunshine...

Which place sounds the most like somewhere you'd like to visit?

salt lake city
carson city
santa fe

What were the origins of your ideal states name?

it means mountain
it refers to a river in the east
it means people of the mountains
probably a made up word or from the native americans
its to do with nature/spring
it means snow covered
from a spanish word
from the aztecs

Which bird is/sounds the best?

why must i choose a bird? dumb question...
western meadowlark
common american gull
just any mountain bird will do...
cactus wren
mountain bluebird
lark bunting

Favourite motto?

Gold and silver
Equal Rights
Let it be perpetual
God enriches
All For Our Country
Nothing without providence
It grows as it goes