What Mean Girls character ware you?

This quiz is so fetch! Wanna know if you are a mean girl or a jock find out !

published on August 21, 201610 responses 2

Hi are you excited to begin the quiz?

Just get on with it!
It's looks fetch
If I have to

What's your favourite colour?

Pink but only on Wednesdays
Any as long as it's cute
Black and dark colours
Anything bright and colourful
UGHHH.. What a basic question
Ummm.... I don't know
Any colour that goes with my sports team

What is your favourite quote?

That's so fetch!
Mum can you go fix your hair?
On Wednesdays we wear pink!
He's to gay to function
Of course I have a pink shirt
Your face smells like peppermint
This isn't Africa this is high school

What is your favourite animal?

Lion, cause they are the queens of animal kind
A unicorn
A cheetah
A peacock,they are fabulous
A bat
A kitten they're so cute
An elephant they are proven to be so smart

Are you male or female?

I'm a man but I have a feminine side
I'm female with a masculine side
What are you trying to say?