Which Trolls Band Together character are you?

Which Trolls Band Together character are you?

Bascially the title I dont own any of the pictures. U will def get one nice troll :)

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Whats ur fav color

Dark blue

Favourite place?

Pop village
Putt putt troll kingdom
The admin room in putt putt troll kingdom
Vacay island
Neverglade trail
Underground bunker
Anywhere as long as i'm with my brothers :)

What is ur greatest flaw?

I dont listen to others
I'm overly protective
I come off as boring
I'm perfectionistic
I can hold grudges for long periods of time
I am very cynical and pessimistic
I dont always think with my head and more often than not with my heart

Well, what do u wear

My flower crown/headband
A leaf cape
A sweater romper
A seashell necklace
My goggles
Black earings
A leaf vest

Roleplay:If one of ur siblings who left you and never came back, but they came back becuz one of them is kidnapped, what would u do?

I would immediately join in! I will never leave my sibling hanging!
I want to....and its kind of scary, but i'll do it
I'll join in, and also help to keep track of our expenses
I'll suggest calling the authorities
I am already on this mission knowing beforehand and currently rescueing my sibling
I'll join in, even if i resent them for leaving me
I'm the one who's kidnapped