How to tell if you are a Minecraft noob.

Have you ever thought you might be a minecraft noob? If you have you should take this quiz! Its fun and uber cool! (Uber is a valid word)

published on May 07, 201424 responses 8 4.5★ / 5
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What game mode do you play on?

What game mode do you play on?
Hardcore! DUH!
Easy, or normal. It depends on my mood.
Peaceful! I am afraid of monsters! :(
Creative! All the time too!

What is the pickaxe mines the fastest?


What is a pigman?

They are not implemented into the game, but there is zombie pigmen!
They are hostile mobs that spawn in the nether.
They are neutral mobs that spawn in the nether
Its one of those ugly things that lives in villages with those other grey ugly things.

Which statement is true.

Endermen have a weakness to water.
The wither can not be spawned naturally
Creepers explode
All statements are true

What is wither?

Err... A boss mob... I think.... I don't know
It depends on what you mean, there is wither skeletons, the wither boss, and a extremely
bad poison called wither.
Is that even in the game?

Final question! You are in a situation where you have to choose one chest, and you have to survive off the objects inside. you can craft, but you can't break any blocks. Which chest do you think would help your survive the longest...

Chest a... A few diamonds and sticks
Chest b... A stack (64)of wood, 10 stone and three apples
Chest c... A few pieces of wood, stone, and cake
Chest d... A stack of diamonds (64)