Which Harry Potter house are you actually in?

Which Harry Potter house are you actually in?

Which Harry Potter house are you actually in? Come find out! Griffindor? Ravenclaw? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Or are you just a muggle that is not Hogwarts material after all?

published on November 26, 201619 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

choose an outfit

hiking outfit
blue sweater with skirt with
Burberry coat
jeans and a t-shirt that has a calming colour
any clothing except weird black capes

choose colour combination

red and gold
blue and bronze
green and silver
yellow and black
orange and indigo

what do you think about hogwarts

good! dumbledore is awesome!
pretty good...is this quiz over yet? I want to keep studying!
good- especially if Potter isn't in it
good! the design of that building calms me down
what hogwarts?! what a weird name for a school ! what's all about that hogwarts stuff

choose an animal


choose a spell

wingardium leviosa
wingardium leviosa,avada kedavra,and a huge pile of other spells I had learnt by heart
avada kedavra
spelling to keep calm
don't talk about weird spells in front of me,you idiot!!!

your hobby?

going on adventures
studying... learning...reading...all that nerdy stuff
being mean and bullying and setting trends
keeping calm
complaining about how weird wizards and witches are

choose a person

harry potter
cho chang
draco malfoy
cedric diggory
any non wizard freaks are okay

true or false: you like magic

true! so i can save people
true, so i can jinx people
true, i can cast a spell on myself to keep calm like always
false , magic is so freakin' weird

how do you describe yourself

brave and heroic
smart and nerdy
cunning and trendy
a non wizard freak, fortunately

finish this sentence: harry potter is a...

a hero
a smart person but not as smart as I am
a twit who is desperate to create attention to himself
a person who should be as calm as I am
a wizard, and wizards are huge weirdos. so basically he is weird.