Your life with the creepypastas part three

Your life with the creepypastas part three

So, I'm sorry I took a long time to make part two and um I'll try to do it a little faster than the last time but don't forget to check out my other quizzes if you haven't taken part 1 or part 2. Hope you enjoy!

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Okay, flashback, you just met a girl named Vivian who gave you free chocolate and now your going downstairs with her and your guy (Y/G)

ummmm what?

*As your walking downstairs Vivian says* "So, whats your name?

My name is (Y/N) just like from that one video game.
My name is (Y/N), just like that knife brand.
M-my name i-i-is (Y-Y/N-N) (sigh) j-just l-l-like th-th-that cheesecake b-brand
My name is (Y/N) just like that guys kidneys i ate from
My name is (Y/N) just like that type of candy

That's a nice name, well, if you haven't already heard already, my name is Vivian.

Why the hell are there so many different ways to say hi on here?!

So, meet the gang
Jeff: hey
BEN: hello
Slenderman: Good evening child
L.J.: hehehe hello
Masky: h-h-hello

What the hell! I need more ways to say hello
Hello everybody, nice to meet you
Sups how's everybody?

"Take a seat" who do you sit next to?

Link with no eyes
The guy with a knife
T-the sh-shy guy
The kidney eater
The parent killer