Which wolf in Wolf's Rain are you like the most?

Which wolf in Wolf's Rain are you like the most?

From Kiba, Hige, Toboe, Tsume, and Blue, which wolf are you most like? Take this quiz and find out and its recommended that you have watched Wolf's Rain, or at least know the characters. And there are no spoilers within this quiz just in case you were cautious :)

published on July 26, 201429 responses 4
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What do you like to do out of these?

Anything really. As long as I'm alone.
Eat :D
Spend time with friends :)
Sleep, and play video games.

Your good friend is feeling down. What do you do?

Ask them whats wrong, then help them out
Try to make them laugh and feel better.
I don't know, what should I do o_0
Tell them to think of something more positive.
Ignore them. They need to grow up.

Some kid steals your favorite video game then runs! D: What do you do? (lol ik this one is random xD)

Suck it up and buy another one.
Catch the kid and get your game back, but let the kid go unharmed.
Give the kid some wounds he won't forget
Catch up with the kid then try to rationalize with the him for the game back
Its just a game. Who cares?

If you had a chance to save one from certain death, which one would it be?

Nobody :|
My father/mother/guardian.
My girlfriend/boyfriend.
My pet.
My dearest friend.

How would you describe yourself out of these?

Laid-back and Calm
Easy-Going and Humorous
Friendly and Honest
Mysterious and Quiet
Arrogant and Distant

What is it people don't like about you out of these?

I'm not sure. I thought everyone liked me :'(
My teasing attitude :P
The fact that I can be a drama queen/king.
I don't always use my head.
They are probably just jelly of my dashing good looks >:)