Are you one of the guys?

Are you one of the guys?

Let’s see if you’re one of the guys or just a friend. Sorry if you don’t get what you want this is mainly for girls but if you’re a guy and want to do it that’s fine to.

published on October 28, 202031 responses 6
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Do the guys ask you to hang out with them after school?

Yes all the time
No not really

Do you wear sporty clothes cute stylish clothes or tomboy clothes


ROLE PLAY TIME (Sry if it’s horrible) Your on the way to your friends house (your friends a guy) and when you get their you see a bunch of your friends sitting around a table with a bottle in the middle you look around and your the only girl their what are you thinking

Yay spin the bottle this will be interesting
Ummmm wrong house bye
I leave without saying anything

You take a seat and you spin first it spins until it stops at you and your guy BFF what do you do

Blush really hard cause I have a crush on him
Stare in shock why him why not Bob
I left what are you talking about

After you played spin the bottle (and had the time of your life with your BFF) you saw it was getting late and g/bff (u pick the name for your guy bff) asked if you wanted to stay at his place what do you say

Fine but if you try anything funny I’ll slap you with my shoe
Sure I’ll tell my parents I’ll be staying here
I left

Later my peeps

See ya
I left