How Healthy is Your Sleep?

How Healthy is Your Sleep?

We live in a fast evolving world and often feel stressed, anxious or just aggravated. We visit all kinds of doctors, shrinks, we try to exercise, to eat healthy, but, still, seems like nothing helps. Well, there’s one crucial thing we often tend to forget about – our sleeping habits. How healthy is your sleep? Take this quiz and find out.

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Before you go to sleep you usually:

Play games on your computer/mobile phone
Read a book

You’ve decided to go to bed, but you’re hungry. What will be your first choice:

A snack
A cheeseburger

You like to keep your bedroom:

Cold and silent
Warm and with the TV on
Usually with the lights on

If you can’t sleep, what do you do?

I lay down in bed for hours waiting to fall asleep
I go into the other room and put on some relaxing music
I check my work mail

You usually sleep about:

5-7 hours
9 hours and more
7-9 hours