What are you going to look like after schooling?

After you are finished with high school and/or college, what's your life going to like?

published on July 02, 201420 responses 1
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How do you view your working style?

Driven. Focused. Hard working. Nothing less than my best.
I can be serious when I need to be, but I much prefer to be having fun or being distracted.
Why do work now, when it can be easily done later? I have stuff that I like to do. But I really do
get the work done in the end on time. I view procrastination as a risky strength.
I don't know... I'm kinda lazy... and I don't really like it... but I still do it... so you tell me.

Where's the First Date? You're the one planning it by the way.

The park is nice... and it's like a block away so that sounds good.
Movies at the cinema. Everyone loves a movie right?
Movies at my place. It'll give us some nice cuddle time. ;) and I can make popcorn!
Dinner Date! Somewhere slightly fancy, but not too much. I can pick him/her up too. Is there
really any other way to go? How am I suppposed to get to know him/her?
Beautiful sunset picnic on a grassy hill after a walk/day on the beach, where after we can talk and
look up at the stars.

How's school?

Perfect :)
Stressed, but I manage to pull A's
I don't worry about it as long as there are no C's.
How can I work this hard and still only manage a B?
School is my social hour(s)

You see a free activity in your community that you would love to do, but it would be a big time commitment and you are already doing a lot. Do you go for it?

No. I'd rather have more free time and sleep.
I'd like to but I can't. I don't think I could handle it. :/
I think I might be able to squeeze it in...
Yes of course! if it's truly what I love to do. There is ALWAYS time.

What Hogwarts house are you in?

Gryffindor- Brave and Just
Ravenclaw- Intelligent and Driven
Slytherin- Cunning and Witty
Hufflepuff- Hard working and Loyal

Which best fits your personality? (Take my other quiz for a definite answer) *WINK WINK*

Clumsy and Funny: Kind of Dopey
Awkwardly Adorable
Nerdy (In a good way!)

Which do you value most? Don't try to be valiant.

Money. It sounds materialistic, but I like being able to live comfortably and buy what I like.
Relationships. I hate burning bridges and rarely do it.
Honesty. I think lying is the reason there are so many problems in the world. In fact, you're supposed to be being honest right now.
I don't know... my dog I guess.
Music. It's my life.