Which FNAF character are you 2!

Which FNAF character are you 2!

The sequel and upgraded version of the first, experience awesome questions to see who you are in FNaF 1!

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What is your favorite animal?

Bears, bears. BEARS!!!
Bunnies. They hop so cutely.
Chickens and/or ducks. Quack Cluck!
Foxes and dogs. So cute!

What is your favorite historical person?

English men, fancy!
Eh, who cares. We have food inventions now.
People who created instruments. I love to play them!
People who made food really good!

It is a sunny day outside. What do you do?

Maybe attend a fancy luncheon.
Go outside and go swimming!
Stay inside, binge watch T.V. shows, and eat!
Go outside and exercise!

You are at a party. What do you do at the party?

I'm shy. I will stand in the corner until someone notices me.
I'm the center of attention!
I'm not the popular, but I have a couple friends I hang out with there.
I'm shy. I will stand in the corner eating the treats.

What is your favorite food?

Filet Mignon
Raw food
Eh, maybe a pizza slice or something.

What is your favorite band instrument?

A cupcake. Lol.
Me hook!
A Guitar
A microphone.

What is your favorite jobs out of these?

Actor as a Pirate
Food Critic

Who do you think you are in your imagination?

A lead band singer.
A famous song writer or guitarist
A famous food critic known for shutting down restaurants

Who do you think you are?

Freddy Fazbear
Bonnie the Bunny
Chica the Chicken
Foxy the Pirate Fox

What do you think of the sequel quiz!?

Awesome! Simply full of awe!
Sick, dude!
Arr, matey! This was ye best!
It had food in it, so I'm happy.