Do you handle stress well?

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You're in the 8 items or less express lane at the supermarket and you notice someone ahead of you has over 12 items in their basket. You..

A. Call for the manager
B. Don't let it bother you
C. Complain under your breath to the person behind you

You know exactly which situations make you feel stressed..

A. Always
B. Never
C. Sometimes

The amount of stress you experience in a difficult situation is influenced by..

A. Your thoughts and feelings
B. Your behaviour
C. All of the above

You prepare yourself for stressful situations in advance by rehearsing how you will handle them..

A. Always
B. Never
C. Sometimes

Your average day always includes time for exercise and fun..

A. Never - you don't have the time
B. Always
C. Only on weekends

Your boss tells you off. You are upset and you..

A. Tell yourself you probably deserved it
B. Yell back
C. Wait till you both calm down then talk to the boss about it

You were planning a weekend away with a friend who rings you at the last minute to cancel. You..

A. Hang up in a rage
B. Try and organise someone else to go with you
C. Go out and drown your sorrows

When things go wrong you tend to think..

A. 'This is a disaster - I can't cope'
B. 'This is a challenge I can meet'
C. 'I'm out of here!'