Who Are You? (23)

Who Are You? (23)

Take this quiz to figure out what group matches you! Sorry for the limited answers, I was in a rush xD

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Favorite Movie Genre

Anything really,
Drama, Sad
Movies are too mainstream for me.
Anything that has a bully and a victim >;3

When you hate somebody, you;

Plan to kill them
Leave it be, it's pointless.
Start crying, and plan my suicide..
Feel disappointed, but realize it's life.
Cry for a bit, but understand why they hate you..
You're already hated by everybody, so it doesn't matter..

Favorite Color


A Girl/Guy has just asked you out on a date.

You tell them to wait, since you need to decide if it's a good idea.
You jump into there arms and nearly cry, "YES!"
You tell them that they deserve better..
You say "Sure, why not?"
You have a disgusted look on you're face, you instantly judge them by how they look, and ask
yourself, "Do I really want to be seen with you.."
Nobody would ever ask me out, lmfao

How many friends do you have?

Pfft, friends? What friends ;D
Who gives a shit, I have a lot.. More then you'll ever have.
Hmm, I think, around 800-2000.. Somewhere there?
None.. ;'(
Idk ;3 A lot? Like.. 50-100
I just have a group that I hang with.

What do you do in you're spare time?

Cut... Cry.. Debate what I have left in my life, which is nothing..
Read a good book. LOOOOL LMFAOO No.
Talk to my friends. Sometimes hang out.
Usually I skype randoms, also, why the hell should I tell you what I do?
Hang out
Usually I go to the thrift shop, or text my friends, or starbucks?

Favorite Place

Dark Lonely places, preferably corners.
Concerts and Parties >;3
A hang out.
Thrift shop, and stores.
Swimming! Or playing sports. Do those count?
The circus.. LOL