Who Are You? (23)

Who Are You? (23)

Take this quiz to figure out what group matches you! Sorry for the limited answers, I was in a rush xD

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Favorite Color


How many friends do you have?

Pfft, friends? What friends ;D
Who gives a shit, I have a lot.. More then you'll ever have.
Hmm, I think, around 800-2000.. Somewhere there?
None.. ;'(
Idk ;3 A lot? Like.. 50-100
I just have a group that I hang with.

A Girl/Guy has just asked you out on a date.

You tell them to wait, since you need to decide if it's a good idea.
You jump into there arms and nearly cry, "YES!"
You tell them that they deserve better..
You say "Sure, why not?"
You have a disgusted look on you're face, you instantly judge them by how they look, and ask
yourself, "Do I really want to be seen with you.."
Nobody would ever ask me out, lmfao

Favorite Place

Dark Lonely places, preferably corners.
Concerts and Parties >;3
A hang out.
Thrift shop, and stores.
Swimming! Or playing sports. Do those count?
The circus.. LOL

Favorite Movie Genre

Anything really,
Drama, Sad
Movies are too mainstream for me.
Anything that has a bully and a victim >;3

When you hate somebody, you;

Plan to kill them
Leave it be, it's pointless.
Start crying, and plan my suicide..
Feel disappointed, but realize it's life.
Cry for a bit, but understand why they hate you..
You're already hated by everybody, so it doesn't matter..

What do you do in you're spare time?

Cut... Cry.. Debate what I have left in my life, which is nothing..
Read a good book. LOOOOL LMFAOO No.
Talk to my friends. Sometimes hang out.
Usually I skype randoms, also, why the hell should I tell you what I do?
Hang out
Usually I go to the thrift shop, or text my friends, or starbucks?