Which Wartune class do you belong in?

Which Wartune class do you belong in?

Rules are simple. Each question will show 3 choices for each class. Some may be powers from each class, some the armour sets, you never know. Uncover which Wartune class you should truly belong to: Knight, Mage, or Archer!

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Which legendary set sounds more interesting to you?


Which position would you rather take in the battlefield?

Middle (Centre)

Which stat would you rather use gems for to improve?

MATK (Magic Attack)
PATK (Physical Attack)
Crit (Critical Hit)

Which World BOSS would you rather battle (and hopefully score the final hit to kill it)?

Bloodfang (A gigantic wolf who's bite is worse than his bark)
Ragnoch (A desert worm who can swallow you whole from underground)
Redoga Drake (A skeleton who may look like a dragon, but also seems to look like an eye)

Select a guild skill!

Power (Improves PATK and PDEF)
Intelligence (Improves MATK and MDEF)
Endurance (Improves HP)

If you could afford a set of wings, which would you rather choose?

Celestial Angel Wings
Dark Demon Wings
Earth Elven Wings

Select a weapon!

Apollo's Might
Aerial Illusion
Gothic Edge

Which class are you hoping to be?


Every warrior in Balenor is stronger with astrals equipped. Select an astral that most appeals to you.

Sniper's Edge