Which An Inspector Calls character are you?

Which An Inspector Calls character are you?

Take the quiz to find out which character you are from the hit play 'An Inspector Calls'!

published on May 11, 201629 responses 2

You meet a young, drunk woman in a bar. What do you do?

Shag her
I don't go to bars
Leave her, she's not my problem
Take her home
Watch from a distance
Join her
Pity her

There's a strike and you are asked to support it. What do you do?

Strikes are for peasants
What's a strike?
Leave them, they'll be fine
Watch from a distance
Pfft who needs to buy food?
Join, there might be some pretty ladies
I'm the one organising the strike

Someone accuses you of committing a crime. How do you respond?

I play golf with the head of the police
The audacity! How dare you accuse me, a
respectable woman
Shhhh let's have some port
Calmly explain, giving an ambiguous reason
Sorry, what have I done?
Watch from a distance
I'll have to represent myself but I'll try to do
my best

You see someone assaulting a woman in a club, what do you do?

Join in
Watch from a distance
She probably deserves it
Help her home with not so gentlemanly intentions
That's awful. I'd tell the bouncer
A woman in a club????
Whoops! Probably my son, I'll have to pay the girl to keep quiet

The port is spilled at dinner. How do you react?

What a waste of good port
Lick it off the table
Watch from a distance
We can always buy more
What a careless idiot!
Politely clean it up
I can't afford port

What is you favourite animal?

Watching from a distance
Female dog
Something common

An inspector knocks at the door. Do you answer?

The maid will get it!
The maid will get it!!
The maid will get it!!!
The maid will get it!!!!
The maid will get it!!!!!
I don't have a door
The maid will ge- oh shit, I am the maid