What warrior cat killer are you?

What warrior cat killer are you?

See what evil killer warrior cat you are and become the best warrior cat ever!

published on April 14, 201616 responses 3
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If you saw a stranger cat on your territory, what would you do?

Threaten them.
Trick them.
Hide and then pounce on them.
Kill them.

If you had a mate and she/he was dying what would you do?

Sit their and watch your mate die.
Walk off.
Kill them.
Let them suffer.

If you ran out of food and their was no animals in your plains,what would you do?

Eat the plants.
Go search for food.
Go steal a clans food.
Sit there and do nothing.

If you were drowning and could not get out of the water, what would you do?

Let yourself drown.
Struggle to get free.
Call for help.
You know that you can get out.

If you got tangled in brambles, what would you do?

Use your claws to cut yourself free.
Stay there.
Call for help.
Struggle to get free.

If a pack of wild dogs came and hurt your clan, what would you do?

Kill them.
Tell the leader.
Protect yourself.