Which Disney Princess Are You? Classic and New

The ultimate disney princess personality quiz! Includes some of our favourite Disney Heroines too.

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Which Disney Princess Are You? Classic and New
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Choose a colour:

Soft Yellow
Dark Teal
Forest Green
Icy Blue
Royal Blue
Baby Blue
Seafoam Green
Lime Green

What animal do you like most?

Arctic Fox

Your mean boss asks you to come into work on a day you specifically asked to have off. There are enough people working that morning anyway. What do you do?

Show up. Your lucky she even hired you considering the fact that you have no experience.
Go to work and mock your boss behind her back afterwords.
Accidentally sleep in but still show up late. You don't feel too bad about it though because
you asked for it off.
Blow it off, who needs that job!
Show up and work hard, hopefully you'll get the next day you request off.
Make up an elaborate excuse as to why you cant come in but don't tie up the lose ends. Your
boss will probably find out but oh well.
Show up and try your best, but your mood is ruined and your making mistakes left and right.
Your still polite though.

Chaos descends on your town and you have to leave your home forever. Whats the one thing you take with you?

The cookbook with all of your creations in it! Or something you've made that you would be
lost without.
A photo of your parents.
Your artwork
A priceless family heirloom that was passed on to you.
Let it burn! Time to start fresh.
Something with sentimental value and useful. Maybe your bow and arrows.
Your favourite book of course!

Where do you want to live?

You want to travel the world but still have a cozy place to call home. A place filled with loved
The forest, close to nature.
Somewhere that never gets too hot, maybe in the mountains with a nice view.
The jungle, a place to let your hair down.
The countryside on a piece of land that you can make your own.
The bustling city with a great night life.
A trendy neighbourhood with an eclectic group of neighbours.

Where would you like to go on a vacation?

A cute cottage in the woods or on a volunteer mission to help children.
A relaxing, elegant resort.
Somewhere with lots of lights!
A cute seaside town.
A theme park that has lots of rides!
Anywhere out of this town would be an adventure.
Somewhere exotic, like Turkey or Egypt.

What were you like in high school?

Class pet
In the popular group but a tad awkward. You liked theatre and may have tried out for the
cheerleading squad.
A student or hard worker with lots of friends.
The outcast, you didn't really feel comfortable in your own skin.
Shy and kept to yourself even though people were nice to you. No extra curricular activities
for you!
The artist with many acquaintances from different social groups and a few close friends.
You loved history and psychology. An average student and you liked to go to school and see
your friends.

How would you like to get around?

Bare feet
By horseback, mostly for the freedom to go off-road.
By roller coaster or sled!
By horseback, because I like the company of my four-legged friend.
Any economical way to get me places on time.
I tend to wonder...
By flying, on a plane or with magic.

Which food would you pick most of the time?

Tea and cookies
Anything fragrant
Fish and Chips
Turkey dinner

What do you look for in a man?

Who needs a man?
I need to sort my stuff out before I consider a man.
A man who would cross oceans for me. Strong and open-minded.
I might want to be with someone a bit later on. A man who's tough on the outside, but
An adventurous, outgoing man, maybe a little cocky too...but in a good way.
Someone hard-working and mature who would look out for me.
Someone who would appreciate me for taking good care of them.
A cultured man, but a kind heart is most important.
A rugged, simple man who's sweet and a little old fashioned.
A man wo would sweep e off my feet! Or someone I could be friends with first and joke
around with...I really don't know but I want to!.
A man who's young at heart and loves adventures.
It would take some time for me to consider a man, so he would have to be persistent. Maybe
exotic too.
A brave, kind man who would wait for me to warm up to him.
A classy, charming man who would work hard to win my affection.