werewolf demon

werewolf demon

Have you ever wondered what wolf demon you're most like? Well now you can finally know!

published on January 16, 201546 responses 10
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A little boy comes up crying what do you do? (Sorry if these suck it's my first quiz)

Kill him
Help him
Fight all who try to harm him and take him as
your new little brother
Take him to the nearest house and ask for
Help him through life but don't baby him

You're out in the woods alone and heard a weird noise, what do you do?

Why am I in the woods I should be helping
my animals \friends
Go kill it and then see what it was
Pay no attention I'm used to these things I
live in the woods
It's just another dead thing
I can't worry but if I must I could kill it. My
pack is much more important

Do people find you scary (if you don't know guess)

Only when I'm mad
I hope not
I don't know I guess so
Only if they are fighting me

What kind of home would you live in if you could choose any where at all?

A calm peaceful beach or forest
A nice cave or wooded area would be lovely
A dark maze like cave
Anywhere open and pretty
A place that brings good memory's

What were demon would you make if you did this quiz?

I don't know really maybe something nice like
a good witch
Something evil or the devil
An alpha any kind or maybe omega
I don't care and don't want to, give me my
I like all of these maybe a new not wolf

What smiley face do you like (please don't kill me I didn't know what else to put!)