What Pokemon Are You? (11)

What Pokemon Are You? (11)

Find out what your ideal Pokemon is, and what your personality for that Pokemon is at the same time. Play with family or friends for a great time. These are some of my favorite Pokemon, and I hope you like them too. Please say your honest answer. Have Fun!

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When you play a game, what do you do to pick who's doing who?

You say "Not it!"
You choose to have a running race so everyone can play.
Say you want to be it and give everyone a creepy grin. You say "10 second start!"
See who can climb the tree highest. Anyway, you already know the winner. Yourself!
You see who can yell the loudest. That's always fun!
You do Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum.
You don't really play games, and besides. You hardly have a friend.

How many friends do you have?
For real

A few
To many to count
1 or 0 friends

Your siblings birthday is coming up!
What do you do?

You give them what they always wanted.
You take them to a concert.
You have an awesome party at your house.
You hold them a surprise party.
You take them to Disney World
You decide to give them a gift card for SkyZone
You put a stuffed toy in a box.
You wrap a rock with fossils in it in leaves.

You just found out you need to go to the Principals office!
What did you do?!

You did nothing. Just ace the Bioluminescence Test!
Chatting away with your friends
You brought your Nerf gun to school.
Nothing. Your now assigned the new hall monitor.
You talked back to the teacher WAY to much.
You stopped a fight and now your getting awarded.
You are new to your school, and you need someone to show you around.

Lol! What are you laughing at?

A funny face you saw on the Internet.
You just saw a funny video on YouTube.
You scared someone.
Your laughing at a TV show.
You made a loud fart sound.
Your laughing at a friend.
You saw someone trip on the sidewalk.

A person dropped their $50.00
What do you do?

You give all the money back.
You keep a few dollars.
Finders keepers!
Losers wheepers!
You give it to a man on the streets.
You keep $30.00
You give it to the man who dropped it.
You keep it all. You need the money anyway.

You choose the color

A cream color.
Orange or Red
Grass green.
A Dark blue.
A magenta or pink.
A rock or grey color.

Choose a cake flavor!

Dark chocolate
Peanut butter
(Carmel, marshmallow, chocolate)
Cream chesse and snicker doodles
Ice cream cake.

You like the _________ element


You want to _________

Go ride a roller coaster
Creep out someone
Fight something
Play with someone
Go to a lantern festival