Which DC villain are you?

Which DC villain are you?

Which DC comics bad guy fits you?Are you an ultimate destroyer or a crazy psychopath?Find out now.

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If you had to choose between killing your biggest enemy or destroy the city you were trying to destroy so long what would you do?

Destory the city ,of course.
Try to do both
Kill my enemy
Who cares?I would pick the easy one
Follow the plan
Destroy the city on any cost

If you were almost dead by your enemy in a place that you didnt have any help or an army of soldiers what would you do?

Try to trick him
Let him finish so i can finally prove my point
Do nothing
Be sure that something is going to change the situation and everything are going to be fine.
Continue fighting as i trained
Tell him that he is a good person and that he would never do this to someone.
He could never beat me to death i am extremely powerfull.
He would never beat me.I am a genius

Would you ever kill a child?

Of course
Not at all
If i had to
I dont care

Would finish your plan by killing yourself and your enemy if you didnt have any choice ?

Sure thing
I would do everything to kill him
I dont think so.NO!
Surely not this is crazy
Nope not in any case

Would you kill somebody you love?

Why not?
I dont love anybody and nobody loves me
YESSS i would everything
I already have
I hate everyone
Probably not
I dont care about others only for the civilians of my planet

How many people have you killed?

10 million
1 million