What Warrior Cats rank are you?

Warrior Cats are amazing! Which rank would you be? You can get Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, Warrior, Apprentice, or Queen.

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Welcome! I know you don't have time to chat, so let's get right into it!
So, which of these words speaks to you most?


You have developed a romance with a cat from another Clan. You know it's wrong. You...

Stop meeting with them- It would ruin my reputation.
Continue meeting with them, though make them agree to no kits.
Stop meeting with them, though explain why and meet one last time- My loyalties lie with my Clan.
I wouldn't develop a romance in the first place... I'm young.
Stop meeting with them, knowing I will have his kits.
Stop meeting with them completely.

You are in battle. What do you do during it?

I go around and heal the wounded.
I fight for my Clan.
I stay back and aid my Clan by doing anything needed.
I protect the kits.
I lead my Clan into battle.
I fight with my Leader, side by side.

What do you look like (as a warrior cat)?

Dark brown tabby
Grey with darker paws and ears
Ginger with white socks
Bluish-silverish with white flecks
Brown with a nicked ear
Pale brown with a darker chest and muzzle (with small paws)

A kit from another Clan is getting attacked by two rogues! You...

Go get help from camp.
Save the kit! Yell at the rogues to stop!
Fight the rogues, but leave the kit.
Fight them, while calling for help.
Run away... I don't know what else to do...
Run in, pick up the kit, and try to outrun them.

Well, it's time to wrap this up!

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