Which Character From The Owl House Are You?

I'm making this for reputation points so please take this thanks :D TOH is my special interest rn and I've fallen really hard so I had to do it u know ?

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Which Character From The Owl House Are You?
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starting off with a banger!! which meme from my gallery do you resonate with the most?


what’s your best quality?

i live everyday like it’s my last
im funny and likeable ?
i always work hard even when things go wrong
i think before i act and put my personal issues aside for friends and family
im friendly and willing to open up to anyone!

okayyy so what’s your WORST quality?

im always treated as a lesser person and because of it i feel like i can never truly be myself
im too selfish sometimes, but im trying to get better
im indecisive and it can lead to me putting myself and those i care about in danger
i lie about how i feel sometimes, i fear being open about my emotions because of the image ive created of myself
nothing im perfect

there are three doors in front of you, which one do you pick?

door one, behind it, you can hear promises of glory and success. you have everything you've ever dreamt.
door two, behind it, you can hear your friends chattering about. you can faintly smell your favorite food.
door three, underneath it, you can see a dazzling light, and a voice promising treasure and freedom.


white crayons aren't valid because white isn't a color and no one uses those crayons anyways. should've put another shade of
blue instead.
in the long run, we are but specks of dust, drifting away along the winds of fate to rest wherever we can. like raindrops in a
storm, we are insignificant beings
my youtube recommended is all messed up because i watched one (1) nature safari video and suddenly Google thinks i
wanna watch some dude eat pasta for an hour
I'm so sick of all these people who think they're gamers. No, you're not. Most of you are not even close to being gamers. I
see these people saying, "I put well over 100hrs in this game and it's great!". That's nothing, most of us can easily put 300+
hours in our games. I see people who only have the nintendo switch and claim to be gamers. Come and talk to me once you
pick up a ps4 controller then we'll be friends.

your best friend is moving far away and you have little time left with them before they leave, what do you do?

i sit them down and tell them how much they mean to me before they go, to text me once they get there with an update, and
that we'll always be friends!
im upset that i'll have to find a new partner for p.e. my friend was an interesting person. i tell them to text me pictures of
their new city. i've never been there.
too much emotion would only make saying goodbye harder, so i tell my friend to take care of themselves and contact me with
life updates.
i start bawling and hug them until they have to pry me off. i tell them to call me right after they arrive, and twice every day
after that.
i'll miss them more than anything, but i feel embarrassed saying anything like that, so i settle for giving them a priceless and
extremely important object to me. (and casually remind them to text, of course). then i go home and cry.

what do you do if you see somebody attractive?

acknowledge their presence as beneficial to the world and move on
i see one everytime i look in the mirror
make conversation and get their number!! YES LEGEND!!
literally forget how to speak.

you’re in a forest, and there’s many types of fruits here that you’ve never seen. what do you pick?

the black colored berries that smell sort of tart; they’re growing out of a bush with thorns.
the small, pink colored berries with the red center.
the aquamarine colored berries that are round and plump.

you can start over. you can do it all different. do you?

definite yes
definite no
hesitant yes. there are definitely some things i don't want to lose, but overall i need a new start.
hesitant no. some things are just too important to lose because of a few bad times.

there's a party you really want to go to tonight, but you're stuck in your room, grounded. what do you do?

it's not like you couldn't sneak out if you wanted to, but you're not the kind of person that would go to a party.
stay in. you respect your parent/guardian and you're not going to go against the rules for something as trivial as a party.
you don't go to parties, but you don't give a shit about rules either, so you bust the window out and hotwire your guardian's
car to drive to ihop.
sneak out the window. you've done this a thousand times before.
try to sneak out, but accidentally fall on top of the subaru after you jump out the window and set off the car alarm. you're
gonna get your ass kicked.

do you dry your hands off on decorative towels

yes because im an animal
no because it's for decoration!!!!!!!

pick a struggle

i ate cat food as a kid and it was kind of okay
this skincare product feels nice but i'm not sure if it actually works
i wanna wear my earbuds in out but im scared someone will kidnap me and i'll be jamming too hard to see it coming
there's someone better than me and i hate it, i hate them

started with a banger and lets end with a banger! pick another meme.