Safe Escape WWFFY part 7

Safe Escape WWFFY part 7

Heads up guys, this part gets a little heavy! You get closer to your friends in this one :)

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You were falling. Falling inside your mind. Your vision was assaulted by blinding lights, you could hear screaming. Your father's voice. Disappointment. You're worthless. Get out of my sight. You disgust me. You could hear your mother's screams.
A baby was crying. Not just crying, wailing in agony. You couldn't wake up? Get away from me! You have to get out of here. STOP! HELP ME!

well, this is a good start DX
The hell happened to me?
What happened next??
Wow, that was intense

You woke up to the sun shining into the window and right onto your face. When did you fall back asleep? Last you remember was talking to someone... "__" You looked up. Knuckles was bent down to your level. "I, erm, heard you didn't have a good sleep last night?" You shake your head waving him off. "I'm not good at this mushy, caring stuff but, ugh, you can talk to is you know. We are here to help you" You smile and nod. I know. "Good...good, want to help with breakfast?” He asks, holding out a hand. You smiled and nodded, taking his hand and letting him help you up. You were beginning to get more comfortable around your new housemates. You still weren't sure if you wanted to let them know everything about you just yet, but you were beginning to think of them as friends, and that was a start at least.

I think I was talking with Sonic?
I think I was talking with Shadow?
I think I was talking with Silver?
I think I was talking with Tails?

Sapphire had called earlier to invite the 6 of you over to her and Maria's house for a party. At first you weren't sure, but every had their sad when you hesitated, so you decided you would go, if only so you wouldn't feel bad for hurting their feelings. You put on one of your new outfits, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of a beautiful nighttime sky on it. It was very comfortable and fit you well. Looking in the mirror, you still see yourself as thin and frail. There was nothing wrong with being was the unhealthy look of your body that worried you. You walked into the living area and met up with the guys.

How do I look?
Is this party wear? I haven't been to one in so long..
It doesn't look bad, right?
Does it look pretty?? ;)

“Nervous?” Sonic asked you. A little. "Theres nothing to worry about! We know they like you!" Tails explains. You couldn't hide the smile that spread across your face. “It'll be fun to catch up with them" Silver says. Shadow rolls his eyes and walked out. "Can't win them all.” Sonic shrugged following him. "They're both idiots" Silver mutters. Agreed. You giggle. "HEY, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT US?" Sonic yells.
You, Silver and Tails burst into a fit of giggles as you follow the two outside.

This might be fun!
I'm going to hate this
Hm, I'm not so sure about this..

You arrive at the party and Sapphire greets you all at the door. "Hey there! How's it going?” Tails steps forward. "Great Sapph! What about you?” He responded. "I'm always great!” Sapphire joked. You caught her attention and smiled. Hello. She waves and ushers everyone in. You spot Maria standing by what looked like a punch bowl, talking to a few others. She saw you and waved shyly. You waved back. Shadow turned to you. "Drink?” I'm a little thirsty. You both walked over to the punch bowl, Maria turned to you and smiled.
“Nice to see you again, ____.” Nice to see you too.She turned to the counter “Just letting you know that the punch does contain alcohol. But if you don't want any, we have other options too!"
“Thanks, Maria.” Silver spoke. “No problem. We were all about to sit in the other room and watch a movie, if you'd like to join us.” "We'll be in there right after we grab some snacks.” Sonic told her. Maria nodded, grabbing her drink and making her way into the room.

That's nice!
Thanks Maria!
It's fun to have friends :)
Yay food!

You reached for a soda, you weren't big on drinking. After getting a few snacks, you and the guys joined the others in the sitting area. When you entered the room, you was Knuckles. He was talking to....a whit bat? You didn't think you had ever met them before. The bat was leaning awful close to Knuckles. "OH! ____! You haven't met Rouge yet!” Sapphire called out. Rouge? "Oh, and who is this lovely face?” Rouge stood up and walked over to you, leaning down slightly and cupping your chin. “Are you the human that Knux rescued from that alley? I heard all about you!” Your face heated up. This was embarrassing. Rouge dropped her hand from your face and straightened up, striking the most confident smile you think you'd ever seen. “Well, any friend of Knuckles is a friend of mine. It is very nice to meet you, ____.” With that, she spun around and resumed her position near Knuckles.

I like her, she seems nice
Nice to meet you too Rouge!
That was weird...

A little confused as to what just happened, you turned back to Shadow. He was glaring now. You nudged him. When that didn't work, you stepped right into his line of vision. Earth to Shadow. He blinked a couple of times and his eyes returned to normal. He stared at you.
“I'm going outside.” With that, he vanished into thin air. Now you were even more confused. You heard a sigh and felt a hand on your shoulder. It was Sapphire. She leaned down and whispered “Shadow doesn't really get along with Rouge anymore. He's probably out on the back deck if you wanna talk to him” She made a motion toward the back of the house.

Sure, why not?
Thanks Sapph, I will, poor Shadow...
Got it, thanks
I wonder what happened

You signed your thanks to her and started for the back door. You stepped out onto the deck, pulling your hood up once you felt the cold breeze hit your face. There was a dim light illuminating the area, and you could see Shadow standing off to the side, leaning on the railing. You walked over. "I was really hoping that she wouldn't be here.” He said coldly. Why don't you like her? Shadow let out a breath and tipped his bottle up all the way, letting the last bit of alcohol run down his throat. He set the bottle down and turned to you. "Don't ask" Does she make Knuckles happy? Shadow didn't meet your gaze. He was silent. He didn't like that you were right.

Don't space out again on me
Shadow, please talk to me, I want to help
Come onnnn Shad
I want to know...

Are you ok? He turned back to you “Yes...” Do you wanna go back inside? "Not really.” He turned back toward the railing and looked up at the sky. "Hey! Where are you guys? Your missing the fun! Silver and Maria are arguing over what movie to pick" Sonic chuckled as he stumbled out the house. Shadow just walked down the porch and sat on the grass. Sonic set his bottle down and stared at the sky. "One of those nights, huh?" He asked. You nod. 'Do you ever just...stare up at the stars some nights?” You nod, you did that a lot when you couldn't sleep. He chuckled. "I sound like Sapph...forget it, I'm going back inside" With that he left waving drunkenly. You catch eyes with Shadow. You plopped down next to him. You both end up laying back on the ground, despite the little bit of snow dusted over it. You both just laid there, staring up at the sky. You'd take a night like this over a party any day. The quiet let your mind wonder...what did happen last night??

Good talk Sonic, I think he was opening up
It's good to know Shadow is okay at least
Maria is arguing with Silver?? This I have to see!
This is nice...wish Tails was here though