Safe Escape WWFFY part 8

Safe Escape WWFFY part 8

You might get a job and some old friends come to visit you! Long time no see?

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A week flew by at your new home. You had started helping out around the house, doing laundry, cleaning rooms, the guys even let you cook sometimes. No one had mentioned anything about you getting a job, but you knew you needed to start applying to places, you couldn't live on their sofa forever.

True, but kind of job could I do?
Maybe I can read the paper, or google local jobs, or maybe ask around?
I want a cool job! :D
I'm happy I can just help back, maybe now I can pay them back for everything!

A few days ago, you finally decided to tell everyone that you were staying with the guys. You were worried about what she would think about your situation, but they were very understanding and comforting. Sapphire and Hotaru were actually coming over. You were excited to see them again, especially happy to be able to spend time with Hotaru, you loved that kid.

Hotaru!! Yay! I missed her!
She's the one that spoke sign language like me, right?
How old is she? (Around 10 I think) Aw :)
Guests! Got to get ready for the guests!

As you searched around in a recipe book for a dish to cook up for their visit, you heard the front door open and close. Tails was home from work. He shuffled into the kitchen followed by Sonic who had greeted him.
“Hey, whatcha doing?” Sonic asked. You smiled and signed in a fit of excitement. Trying to decide what to cook tonight. I don't know what they will like. Sonic gave a soft chuckle, it was nice to see you this happy. “I'm sure they'll love whatever you cook.”

Awww, thanks Sonic
I was thinking a cake, something sweet for dessert
Maybe a lasagne dish! I'm sure I can make that...maybe
Welcome back Tails!

You shook your head, you weren't that great of a cook, but at least you could follow a simple recipe. “Oh, I almost forgot.” Tails reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper. He unfolded it and handed it to you. You took it and looked it over. It was a help wanted flyer from Dana's
“I don't know if it's the kind of job you are looking for, but Dana is a good friend of mine, and she's a really nice. She'd pay you well.” You weren't sure how you'd fare as a waitress or a bartender, but you could certainly give it a shot. You took the flyer and laid it on the small side table where your belongings still sat.

Dana's? Sounds good! I'd love to!
How hard could it be? I mean...not that hard I assume?
I'll able to learn how to cook better for everyone now! :D
Tails, thank you so much! I'll make sure to try it out!

You walked back over to him and began signing. Thanks! I think I will go over there tomorrow and talk to her. He flashed you a smile and Sonic started over toward the couch before stopping and turning back to you. "Hey, I don't have anything to do tomorrow so we could go with you....if you want.” You couldn't hide your smile. I'd like that. "It's a date then.” Sonic winked.

...Sonic why
Ugh- answer.exe has stopped working
XD oh god no

Your breath hitched at that until a box of raisins was dropped onto the counter in front of you. You laughed and looked over at him, hoping that your face wasn't red. You know those aren't the same thing, right? Sonic shrugged and walked back toward the couch “Eh, close enough.” You laughed to yourself looked over at the book you had been flipping through. It was open to a recipe for a banana raisin cake. You looked at the box of raisins and then back to the recipe. You took it as a sign and started gathering the ingredients.

I have a banana
I have some raisins
Banana raisin cake!

You had finished making the cake, and had actually convinced Knuckles to make a lasagne. As you both wrapped up in the kitchen, you walked over to the couch where Shadow had been napping since he got home. You tapped him on his shoulder and he grunted. You shook him a little harder and his eyes opened slowly. You gave a little wave and he nodded, lifting his hand to wave back but then letting it fall. Sapphire and Hotaru will be here soon. “Thanks.” He grunted as he sat up and looked up at the clock on the wall. “I slept longer than I meant to.”

I know how that feels
Aw, he looks so cute when tired X3
Eh, at least you don't need the sleep like the rest of us
Better get ready quick then

The doorbell rang and Knuckles rushed out of the kitchen to answer it. Sapphire walked in carrying some sort of dish, and Hotaru jumped through the door. As soon as their feet touched the ground, they sprinted over to you and nearly knocked you over as they threw their arms around your waist. Slightly shocked, you put your arms around them and hugged back.

Ahhhh, she's so cute :3
Hello old friend :)
Somebody please! She's suffocating me! XD
I missed you Hotaru!

As they took a step back, they smiled up at you and started signing. How's your signing going? I'm doing better! Been practicing. Silver stepped in and ruffled Hotaru's hair “Hey. How's it going?” Pretty good. "Been doing your homework? Getting good grades?” Silver asked. Hotaru gave him a small glare and signed
Yes mom. Silver laughed and patted Hotaru's head. "Hiya ____. How are you?” Sapphire asked as she walked up to you. I'm doing well. How have you been?
“I've been great!" She smiled. “I brought a casserole!" Great! Thanks! You say leading her to the dining room.

This dinner is sounding great so far!
I want food please now
Everyone ready??
Ohh, I dining room? Posh!

You sit next to Hotaru. Do you like living here? Yeah. Everyone is really nice. She nodded and scooped a fork-full of lasagne into their mouth, then continued. They seem to like you being here. I hope so! A certain someone seems a lot happier too.
You flushed, shrugged and continued eating trying to hide the slight blush on your cheeks.

Sonic? Nah...nahhhhh...
Like hell Shadow is happier that I'm here, he's never happy *giggles*
I thought Silver was happier but it's not because of me
Tails is always happy, I mean, it's Tails!

You all gathered in the living room after dinner, drinking tea and discussing everything from Hotaru's school time to Knuckles' job with the master emerald. Sapphire pulled you to the side later and asked you how you had been holding up and if you liked staying with everyone. You assured her that you were doing alright, and that you enjoyed staying with the guys. She was very understanding and caring. She pulled you into a hug and told you that she was only a phone call away if you needed anything. You could have cried. She was so nice. Everyone here was so nice.

I love it here...
But soon I'll get a job...
Pay everyone back...
I'll be gone and it will all be over...