Chat with BEN Drowned *Girls Only*

Chat with BEN Drowned *Girls Only*

Me: Okay we are going to chat with BEN and we will see if he likes you BEN: Really Nightmare...You have to do another annoying quiz Me: ...COME BACK HERE!? see ya in the quiz!

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Are you Ready to meet BEN Drowned?

Yeah sure...(Me: I like you )
Umm...(Me: Don't be shy )
Why am I here (Me: ...)

BEN: *walks in* Nightmare you called.. Me: Yes..please ask quiz-taker~chan a quiestion... BEN: *sighs* yo- Me: not that one, something unoriginal.. BEN: what do you think of life?

I think life is some sick Game.. ( Me: i think that too BEN: same...)
It depends on what life gives you ( Me: ^.^ told ya BEN: ...
i love life but not you ( Me: why are you here then...) i got bored..

Me: i'll be leaving ok BEN: ok Me: *walks away * BEN: What do you see first in a guy

I see their personality then the way they treat a girl
i see the things we have in common
Nothing because i hate you (BEN: *growls* )

BEN: Do you think killers are evil?

No, i just think they been through things that made them kill
It depends on who they are
yes, because they killed people

BEN: do you think i'm evil?

No, all i see is a lost soul trying to find their meaning in life ( BEN: o///o )
No, but you do seem scary when you're mad (BEN: Nightmare is scarier...)
Yes, yes i do ( BEN: You sh- Me: *shouts * after the quiz )

BEN: Why did you take this quiz?

I just wanted to chat with you
I just think your cool
i was bored

BEN: What will you do if i met you

I would just be nice
I would act cool and try not to get on your bad side (BEN: True )
i would say that you're a weak ass elf (BEN: i am not an elf)

BEN: What would you do if i killed your family?

I would understand that you did that because you were mad at the person who drowned you
it depends on what my family does to me
i would kill you (BEN: try then )

BEN: if you saw me drowning what will you do?

I would save you because no one inoccent deserves to die
i would save you but i don't know how to swim (BEN: I understand )
i would let you die

BEN: Lastly did you like talking with me?

Yes it was very fun
it was cool
no not at all

Me: *walks in * now will you say what you got in the comments and like?

i don't have an account ( Me: It's okay )
No (Me: ...)