Personality - Determined by You

Personality - Determined by You

This is a personality test which will show you a brief overview of yourself.

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Where do you find yourself spending most of your time?

At Work
At Home Alone
Somewhere With Friends

One of the toughest decisions in your life must be made, three people are on the verge of death. Who do you choose to let live?

Best Friend -- for fear of losing them
Complete Stranger -- for hope that your best friend understands what you're thinking
I can't make a decision, and they all will die, what do I do?

If you were stranded on an unknown island, which item would you prefer?

A Cellphone
A Computer
A Beach Chair
A Map

You think about things before you do them?

I just go with the flow

You only have enough money to get to where you need to go, but not to get back once it's over, what do you do?

Don't go and risk the consequences of not going
Ask someone for a personal loan
Attempt a fundraiser in a short amount of time
Go anyway and try to find some sort of funding there

When you were in high school, what kind of classes did you take?

Classes based upon what I wanted to do in life
Classes that sounded fun
Easy classes to pass high school

Out of these three activities, which one is your favorite?

Social Media
Playing Video Games

What kind of T.V. shows interest you the most?

History, Crime, Law, etc.
MTV, SpikeTV, etc.

Why does the chicken cross the road to you?

To get across the street
To get away from something
To find something better

You see someone being picked on, what do you do?

Walk away from the situation
Talk about what is happening with your friends or teachers, and hope someone else intervenes
Say something to the bully, and hope it works

What color best suites you?


What would change the future the most?

Fountain of Youth
A Solution to Cancer
New intelligent lifeforms

You have a group project due, and your grade is determined by the entirety of it, but one group member hasn't done their portion. What do you do?

Inform the teacher that someone didn't do their part, and hope it doesn't affect your grades at all
Create their portion to the best of your ability in the short amount of time, and hope it goes over well
Go through with the presentation, leaving their part out
Get with your other team members and decide together

Choose which best describes you.


Your phone is broken, what is your reaction?

I'll just get a new one
I have a replacement plan, time to use it
Call the company and see what they can do without the replacement plan

You like the company of others

Not really