What Impure Character Are You?

What Impure Character Are You?

Seeing as Some people are growing attached to certain characters, id like to see if its because you're like them! If you haven't read the story don't worry there aren't any spoilers, but if you want to get a better understanding it can be found on my page! :D

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When a problem Confronts you, what do you do?

I think it through carefully until i have a perfect plan.
I scratch things off my list one by one until what i do works.

If you had to choose between friends and family, who would you go with?


If you were on the job, and somebody needed you help, what would you do?

I would stop what I'm doing, and help them regardless
I would continue with my job
It depends on what they need help with

do you think of yourself as a good person?

Sometimes yes, Sometimes no.

Will you forgive somebody who betrays you?


What are your veiws on the world?

I will change it!
It needs to change
It's fine the way it is
I will keep it the same!

Who do You fight for?

My Family
My Friends
Those i love

Why Would you help Somebody?

My Own Benefit
It will save from future problems
Because it's the right thing

Wolf or Fox?


Final Question (For now)
How do you treat farewells?

They're long and emotional
They're Short and Frank
It depends who it is
They're short, but the emotion lingers a while