What color are you? (40)

What color are you? (40)

This quiz is going to guide you through some questions about YOU, and in the end you are going to find out what color you are! ☺️

published on October 08, 201625 responses 0
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In your group of friends are you the....?

Supportive one?
Calm one
Artistic one
Smart one
Funny one
Cool one

You have a free afternoon! What do you do?

Sleepover with my friends!
Go outside
Grab my sketchbook and draw/ doodle/ paint
Read a book
Hang out with friends, or play a sport!
Remain seated in the sofa...

What do you think of school

I don't mind
I wish we had more art lessons!
School is a place for you to learn. It is very
useful and nice
Don't mention it...

Favorite thing to do...

Meet with my friends, go to the cinema, ride a
Relax in nature
Just give me a pencil and a paper...
Life is fun, so something fun whatever the
Watch tv, relax, dance, go to a concert, be
with friends.

Oh no! Someone stole you wallet and you know who it is for sure. What do you do?

Demand to give it back
Ask them to give it to you politely, and if they
don't, then you will become strict.
Who stole my what?
Ask for your wallet back and explain to them
why stealing is not good.
Ask it back. If they don't give it back, then
you annoy them until they give up.
" I know it's you. Give me my wallet or I will

What about dreams?

I have dreams about situations with friends.
I dream about things that don't exist
Lines, curves...
I dream about real life and myself when I am
Weird, funny things...
I rarely dream