What is your personality type? (1)

Take this before going into the Personality Page. You need your result for any of it to make sense. Note: You are classified by a shape.

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Are you generally a shy person?

Every single moment of my life, YES, UGH.
Yes, and it ruins everything
Usually, but it's ok.
Yeah, sometimes, but it's alright.
I'm embarrassed to admit it, but yeah
Some of the time I am, but it depends
Honestly it depends
Occasionally I run from 'people', but generally I'm not the shyest of the bunch
Not really. But, like everyone, I sometimes get flustered
The only time I ever get nervous is when I want to impress someone
No, not at all. Few people are bolder than me
No, definitely not. I am the boldest of the bunch

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

Ha. Ha ha ha. No. I have literally zero interest in everything romantic, and the people around me respect that.
LOL no, I have no interest in romance, but NO ONE UNDERSTANDS
Usually no
Sometimes I have a crush...
Rarely do I care.
I prefer to live through other people in that area...
Sometimes it sounds fun to date
Yeah, sometimes, I guess
I guess so. I mean, I don't date. But I think about it.
Um yeah, honestly
Yes, I do!

Have you every had a crush?

I always have one lol

Are you a violent person?

Ummmm, NO, THE HECK?
Uh, no, why would I be?
Uhhh... I don't even know how to respond...
Usually no. But sometimes I get mad lol
Usually no
Only when I'm angry
No, but it is possible to set me off
I can be, sometimes
Sometimes... yeah...
Only when I want to be
Yeah, unfortunately.

What is your favorite color?

Black :(
I generally like pastels.