Smart, Average or Dumb!

You'll see you get smart, dumb and average! If you get average it's just OK.

published on August 23, 201469 responses 16 5.0★ / 5

What would you drink?

Well, of course Water!
I would drink poison because I am brave!
Water is good, soda is bad and poison.
I am brave! I'll drink... I don't know! I'm just brave.
I don't know!

Do you like to play with a shark?

Yeah! YEAH!
I'll try...
No way i... am... scared!
Of course... NOT!

Do you like Video Games?

No! I mean yeah! Play COOL games.
No, I read books.

Do you like Qfeast?

Ahh... Nope
Well... YEAH!

Would you jump of a cliff?

Well, No.
Well, Okay!
No! jumping of the cliff is BAD!
Well I'm scared!
I am brave! I'll do it!
Nah! okay, no, yes no, yes no, yes no I give up YES!