Which Five Nights at Freddy's character are you? Version 2!

The sequel to my FNAF character quiz has arrived! More character results to get, more questions, and even pictures!

published on November 16, 2014185 responses 0
Which Five Nights at Freddy's character are you? Version 2!
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How would you attack someone?

Lunge right at 'em!
Come down from the ceiling!
Me? Attack? Don't be silly! that's what my friends are for!
Reach for them when they see me. They'll know.
Show them my several layers of teeth! (Me: Go see a dentist!)
Throw my head at them. (Me: Wait, what?!)
Stand there. Menacingly.
Crawling through the vent, derp de derp de doo...
Remove my make up. I'm going to show them the true face of fear!

Describe your appearance.

Aged, but classy.
Shiny and classy!
They took my squeezing arm! (Me: You poor thing!)
Wearing a lot of blue.
Scary, just scary!
Thin, pretty, heh heh! (Me: sounds kinda vain, but okay.)
Piratey, arr! (Me: This is too obvious!)
Uh... Why is my leg connected to my arm? (Me: 0_0)
I play dead alot.
Propeller hat! Whee!

Which of these would be your catch phrase?

Hi! *giggles*
Catch phrase? How do I if static sounds? (Me: Huh?)
Ready for (Your name here)
Ready for-- *Glitches out* (Me: 0_0 What was that?)
Let's party! Whoo!
Swiggity Swooty, comin' fo' your booty! (Me: Nope! *Closes door*)
I'd say nothing. My face's stolen. (Me: 0-0)
I'd say, "Rock on!"
I'd just scream my head off.

Fave character from FNAF 1?

Chica! but she's kinda.. well, husky.
Foxy. Always running around like a boss.
Golden Freddy. He teleports around and scares everybody!
Sparky! Wait... He's not real? (Me: He's a mere Fan Character.) Darnit!
Chica. I bet she's the real biter of '87!
Foxy. 'nuff said.
Bonnie. Purple looks preeety!
Freddy of course!
Freddy Fazbear. He's running the show.
Bonnie. Guitars and whatnot.

Which of these describes you?

Chaotic-neutral Awesome guy
Party animal!
Lawful-evil Awesome guy
Dorky, but friendly.
The original swagmeister (Me: Typing that was painfully derpy, I'll have you know.)
Beat up.
Possibly Metro?
The one behind it all!
Younger, newer leader.
So many teeth!