What original zombies character are you?

This will see if your either, Nikoli, Dempsy, Richtofen or takeo, please forgive me if my grammar is a bit rusty.

published on March 28, 20169 responses 2


I heard there was free vodka here, where is it?
Hello, Any pest problems?
I come in peace
Hello, wanna be my next test subject?

Hows life?

Give me the vodka.
Nothing better than blowing up some meat bags heads.
I honor you for being kind and respectful.
Just testing some teleportation

What weapon did you bring

My trusty old olimpia
A blade of honor
Ray gun

Hey I have a good question, what would you make all the perks.

Holy water

Ummm... Would you rather be a lion or an attack dog?

Vodka dog
Attack dog
A peaceful lion
Seion (seince lion)

What country are you guys from?

Vod- I mean russia
American, And i am proud

Well why do you think i brought you here?

I thought there would be vodka
To ask me about my war history
For a civilized talk
To enroll to be part of the giant.

Well good day to you.

Can you give me the vodka now?
Good day to you too