Are you more like Gunvolt or Copen?

Just a simple quiz to see if your either the adapt slayer Copen or the Azure Striker Gunvolt. (Minor Spoilers for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2)

published on December 28, 20164 responses 0

When dealing with a normal enemy you...

Dash into them and fire from
above where they can't hit
me... Why brother being in a
place where I'm vuniable?
Lock on to my tragets and deal
out massive damage to them...
It may put me at a risk since
I'm out in the open but at least
I can attack multiple tragets...

Do you see yourself more of a Tiger or a Dragon?


What is the reason you fight?

To fulfill a promise I made
To protect the ones a care

Would you use your own inventions to fight or powers?


You're dying when two girls appear before you... You can't make them out 100% since your vision is blurry but the frist girl looks like a Butterfly and the other girl looks like a Pheonix.
They offer you there powers so you can continue on with the fight... Who do you pick to be your partner?

The Pheonix Girl
The Butterfly Girl

You're enemy (who is an Adapt) got resurrected and starts to hit on you even though you killed them... What is are your thoughts?

I don't have time for you... Get
out of my way creep.
If we have something then why
are you trying to kill me...

Would you rather be a Human or an Adapt (someone that looks human but has powers)

Human. I like who I am.
Being an Adapt sounds cool

Who do you think you would get along better with...?

Your sister who is extremely
sick and has to use a tablet to
A random stranger that's
letting you stay at her place
knowing the risk it might bring
to her.

Eden just captured the Muse Lumen. Your reaction?

Whatever... The Muse is none
of my concern... All the
matters is stopping these
scum from succeeding with
there plans...
Bastards... I kill everyone one
of them and save her no
matter what.

You see your rival standing next to a dead body. Once they spot you they point thier gun at you.... What would you say to this person?

Bastard! Why did you kill her?!
Wait it doesn't have to be this
way! Can't we just talk this

Do you think Adapts and humans can co exist?