What Animal Are You 2?

What Animal Are You 2?

Not Satisfied With The Last Quiz? Take This One And You're Sure To Like The Results!

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What Is Your Personality?

Loud But Fun
"Safety In Numbers" Kinda Guy
A Slow Racer
A Die-Hard Athlete
A Hard Worker
A Meme-Maker
An Outsider

What Is Your Habitat?

A Specialized Pond
A Large Creek
A Tree-Surrounded Pond
A Mudpit
A Pasture
A Special Yard
Andes Mountains
A Mexican Guy's Farm
A Dry Mountain
A Range
A Specialized Work Farm
A Little Yard
A Stable Next To A Yard
A Crowded Shed
A Meadow

Choose A Color(s) For Yourself!

Green, Brown, Light Grey And Black
Black, Brown, White, And Gray
Orange, White, And Black
Black And White
Brown And White
Chocolate And White
White With A Hint Of Brown
Maroon And White
Light Gray
Light Maroon
White And Red
Brown And Red

What Is Your Food?

Free Bread
Anything People Give Me
Water Plants
Wet Grass
Anyting I Can CHEW
Dry Grass
Special Hay
Any Leftover Hay From The Horses
Pretty Much Any Plant I Can Get My Teeth On
Any Leftover Hay From The Donkeys
Wild Corn

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do?

Float. Just Float
Honk While Flapping My Wings. HONK!!
Being Graceful, (Classical Music Plays)
Roll Around In The Mud, OINKITY OINK!
Swat Flies With Mah Tail, Is That Grass?
Graze, Graze, GRAZE!
Annoy People, Nah!
Eat Grass, EAT!!!!!!
Sit, Pretending To Be A Carpet
Practice For The Big Race, Whoops, Gotta Go!
Lay Down While Getting A Nice Groom, Ooh, That's The Spot
Stand, Say Cheese!
Drop The Cart, Then Relax
Gobble, Gobble, GOBBZLE!
Strut While Looking, What You May Ask, FOR CORN!!!!!!!