Your Rotg Life

Your Rotg Life

You Will Find out what your Rise Of The Guardian Life Is. I love you guys. bye

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whats your favorite color


Who are your fictional/non-fictional friends

The animals
I don't have any
The Dauntless faction

When Are You happy

When someone conquers your fears
When all of nature is healed
When others are happy

Do you think it is ok to be afraid

yes you become more brave to admit that you are afraid
Defiantly I don't think The dauntless think that though

(Four: Hey You Talking about Us?!?!?!?! you: No!!!!)
yes... um I mean no.... uh I don't know
Yes kind of it is ok to to be scared I think maybe

You mad or nah

nah man
Uh.... What?????
Excuse me what ever do you mean?
Say what now