what do your parents think of you?

what do your parents think of you?

title says it all <3 :3 :) :D (: ^.^ C: :> cant think of any more happy emojies

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does your parents ever say "i love you"?

every two seconds with big hugs
yes, of course what parents dont!
sometimes tone a week
once a year every cristmas
never heard them say it...

you ask your parents for some more poket money because you only get 50p a week

they say "yes of course! would you like £1? £10? £100?"
they say "you will have to earn it! clean your room and i will give you £1 extra!"
they say "no, 50p is quite enough"
they say "no"
they shake their head and give me a bitter look

do your parents let you on facebook?


you got punched in school. what do they do?

they kiss me and say everything will be ok and call the bulys mom and stuff a camara n my bag for next time
they kiss me and and call their mom
they say next time tell the teacher and hug me
they say there must be a reason are you ok? and hug me
they dont care

what did they do when you were born?

they gave me a massive teddy bear ang dressed me in cute bunny pajamas and huged me thats not all they gave me 100 toyz
they held me close and gave me a small teddy, what parent wouldent?
they held me close
they said hi and put me on the bed
they put me on the bed and walked away shouting i dont want it

do they let you hand out with friends?

yup! but they need to come with us to the mall and dress me in warm clothes just in case i get chilly
ya sometimes
not much
i try and ask but the shout no in my face


no its a funny story i say "mom i wanna help! im bored!" they say "no sweetie i am fine but if you wanna do the dish-" "um thanks mom i changed my mind!" then we start laughing like mad
yes afew
so many
i am a servent!

do they give you presents on your b-day?

im surrounded in the stuff! wake up? blanket covered in prezies! breakfast? cake! living room? flood of toys! im spoiled!
yes what parent wont?
4 or 5
none they always forget im there

what do you think you will get

im spoiled thats what (your mom: sweetie its cold out there get another pair of mittens on with your other 4 pairs!)
they love me quite alot
they do like me
i guess they kinda like me
they really dont like me