Which Book Would You Like the Best?

Are you bored and want to read a book but non are perfect for you? I think I can guess which one you'll like the best. Do not expect to get it right. After you know your book, read it! Let me know by commenting down below! Enjoy!

published on March 17, 20179 responses 0
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What are you most worried about?

Life Problems
Saving Others

Which kind of problems would you rather have? (even tho they are kinda the same)

Not being able to find something that will affect a other person's life who won't be able to take of a land. Now, It will affect
thousands of lives.
Seeing your loved ones getting hurt.

Which type of story did you think is more interesting.

Knowing the thoughts and what they feel about what's happening.
Problems come by and solve them in a unusual way.

What kind do you think is interesting?


What kind of person are you?

Love reading book and having knowledge.
Knowing life problems and had to deal with it.