Would you survive sew smiley?

Would you survive an attack from me, sew smiley? Well, let's fine out!

published on July 15, 201510 responses 6

You ready?

Me: ok, take your time.

You are walk home from school, it suddenly get dark. You hear footsteps behind you. You also hear breathing. You...

Walk calmly
Speed walk.

Suddenly someone jumps right in front of you. She is wearing a white hoodie with black jeans and boots. Her eyes looked crazed. "H-hey friend, I'm sew. Sew smiley. Wanna stay and draw with me?" she asks. You...

Back away slowly
Stare in horror

She walks up to you and pins you against an alleyway wall with her elbow. She then grabs your arm and starts to pull on it. You suddenly remember you have a weapon on you, what is it?

A knife
An axe
A gun.
Me: why did you bring that to school!?
a sword
Me: HOW did you get that!?

You take out your weapon and scare her off a bit. You then drop your weapon and run. She runs after you. You think....

'She never gives up, does she?!' you think to yourself
'crap! She back!' you think to yourself.

You then run to your house and lock all of your doors and windows. You safe for now.

Thank god!

I hope you enjoyed this! And I hope you get the results you wanted. FREEBIE!!!!!!

Go to sleep.
No god.
Play with me...
Hello friend,do you want to draw with me?
They call me the puppeteer.