What is your Hunger Games Story? (1)

Find out what would happen if you took part in the Hunger Games. The results will be quite long. (Girls Version)

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What is your Hunger Games Story? (1)

How did you do on the "Will you survive the Hunger Games?" test? (Be absolutely honest!)

I passed.
I failed.
I failed, but only just.
I haven't taken it.

If you could be represented by an animal, what would you pick?

Dormouse - gentle, easily scared.
Tiger - strong and dangerous.
Fox - cunning, sneaky, deceptively
Owl - smart, unnoticeable, shy.

On a scale of 1-5, how aggressive are you?


You are reaped for the Hunger Games. How do you feel?

Shocked. Just... shocked.
I don't mind. It could have been
worse - there are people who matter
more to me than myself.
YEAH! I am so pumped up! I'm
gonna WIN!
I don't know... crying maybe?

What would you try to learn in the Training Centre?

How to get food and water so that I
survive as long as possible.
Fighting. Attack is the best defence.
Nothing. Just show off my skills to
intimidate the others and get a good

What's your interview angle?

Likeable and humble.
Fearless and determined.
Mysterious and aloof.
Tough and brutal.
Calm and clever.

The gong goes off and the Games begin. What do you do?

Sprint quite far in, grab something
good and run.
Go straight to the Cornucopia and
take the best weapon there.
Just take something nice and close.

You're alone in the forest. How do you fill in your time?

Show off your skills so you get more
Practice fighting.
Think about your strategy for the

You find an injured twelve-year-old. You...

Put them out of their misery.
Ally with them and ask both of your
sponsors to get you some medicine.
Help them in exchange for some of
their supplies.

You are trying to sleep in a tree when, suddenly, a group of tributes sets up camp below you. They soon fall asleep. What do you do?

Steal some supplies and head back
up the tree. If they stay, do the same
thing again tomorrow.
Attack them!
Leave. You're no match for that many

You and your friend are in the final two. What do you do?

Kill yourself. I won't hurt them, no
matter what.
I'm sorry. I want to win.
Run away. Let the Gamemakers
choose the victor.

May the odds be even in your favour.