what would you be if you were a killer?

what would you be if you were a killer?

Read it in the title people! In this quiz. You really should take this quiz.

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Type of Ability?

My super awesomeness.
To change my look and weapons to anything.
To summon fire.
Changing my hands into claws, etc.
Having metal skin so it's harder for me to be destroyed.
Controlling Fire.
The ability to take souls.

Weapon of Choice?

Knife or anything quiet.
Whatever I feel like.
Something classic, like a sword.
Claws, hammers, etc.
A robotic gun.
Fists, or the occasional gun.

(I'm going to die, but) Favorite Color(s)?

Blood Red.
Black and green, or just green.
Orange and Yellow
Silver and Blue.
I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.
Black. All black. Nothing more, nothing less. Or black and white.

How Would You Kill?

At night, sneaking into a window.
In someone's dream when they are asleep.
Riding on my favorite horse at night, throwing my sword around.
Trying to be cool, unless someone makes me upset.
Whenever I have the commands.
When I feel like it.
When they deserve it.

What would you wear?

Normal hoodie, jeans, and converse or combat shoes.
Whatever I feel like.
Rancher's outfit: button up, boot cut jeans, and cowboy boots.
Hoodie, leather jacket, jeans, and shoes.
Metal skin that makes me look normal.
Classy, dress and flats/suit and dress shoes.
A hoodie to cover my face and goes down to my knees, and shoes.