bronze or gold?

bronze or gold?

this is a quiz to see if you would be more happy go lucky and peppy like my character gold, or if you would be more skeptical and "dark" like my character bronze.

published on January 23, 201513 responses 14 5.0★ / 5

You are hanging out with your friends and your stomach starts growling, what do you suggest or say?

"Hey guys! who wants to hit up the closest pizza place?"
"I'm kinda hungry, anyone wanna find a place to eat?"
"Hey um, my stomach is growling and I heard there is a new Italian food restaurant up the road."
"Hey I have some pastries back at my treehouse, wanna go over there?"

They agree and let you lead the way. On the way there though, you smell a hint of gun powder in the air, then hear several gun fires.

*low whisper* "any of you guys hear that?"
*loud whisper* "Everybody, get down! we need to find a place to hide out..."
*grabs friends and heads for a near by dumpster*
simple, scream bloody murder then run with your friends towards the closest dumpster*

You duck down behind a dumpster with your friends and keep quiet. You hear a set of footsteps, and hear the criminal fire a bullet at the dumpster. They purposely tried not to kill anybody. after that you hear a chuckle.

*preparing to sacrifice yourself for your friends sake.*
*thinking up a plan to make sure everybody but the criminal survives, then to dash out*
*praying that you and your friends survive*
*growling a low growl, hating this criminal*

The criminal obviously knows where you are. You see your friends trembling in fear, and hated seeing them like that, so you had a plan.


You got up from behind the dumpster, then simply said, "I am the only one here, I supposed that I should just give up since you already knew where I was. ". How were you saying this?

with pride