What Type Of Nekoru are You?

What Type Of Nekoru are You?

Nekoru. Neko, cat. Ru, Dragon. Nekoru ar dragoncat creatures, and among the species there are various subtypes. Find out which one you are!

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Someone just insulted your family! How do you respond?

Simply ask for the reasoning. Maybe we can work this out!
Demand immediate justice and attack them! Words are for whimps!

Someone seems to be upset at your actions, consistently bringing it up in conversations. Its getting upsetting, so how do you deal with it?

Beg for forgiveness. You know what you did wrong, and want to help move on and develop this friendship.
Spite them. You've moved on, they clearly haven't, so why bother asking for forgiveness?

You have a raelly good prank in mind: Set up firecrackers in the veteran neighbors yard. YOur friends, however, offered up a less harmful suggestion: Set up the firecrackers in your backyard. How do you respond?

Get the best of both worlds. Make the firecrackers seem like a demonic ritual is taking place! Fun!
Tell your frinds to suck it. You're the one in charge...but maybe it wasnt a good idea after all..?

Someone keeps looking at you all flirtatious-like at the bar, and you're not having it. What do you do?

Throw the first punch and watch the chaos unfold. The suffering of others is the best (and cheapest!) form of enternaiment.
Politely ask then to stop, adn order you two a drink to have a pleasant conversation. Make allies, not adversaries.

Oh crap! Someone spilled a red drink on your fancy shirt. What do you do?

Laugh it off and clean it off the best you can. It wasn't exactly their fault, they were just having fun!
Get into an argument about it. If people cant be civil towards you, why do you have to be?

Someone is out crying in the hall at school, and you start to feel nervous. how do you handle this situation?

Ask whats wrong, while also blaming yourself. Who knows if you said something wrong to hurt this person?
Mock them mercessily. Maybe then they'll grow up.

Your friends are all at a party when you show up. One drunken friend is flirting with you. What do you do?

Jokingly flirt with them too. If they're having fun, why shouldnt you be the one thats left out? Hell, watch me get on the dance floor!
Nudge them aside, and ask them to stop. Its getting uncomfortable, and you probably need time before someone walks up to you like that.

You're in class, and you watch as the teacher starts to harras this female student. She is visibly uncomfortable. YOu feel bad about this situation, so you...

Get up on the table and shout out that the teacher is doing something awful, and rile up the class to throw him out. Rebellion is always a fun alternative to schoolwork!
Get up and try to comfort the young girl, and tell the principal about the situation.

Someone is lying in the street, asking for money to get food. You have about 20 dollars on you, so you..

give the person 15 dollars and wish him well. No one deserves to be starving, not even the homeless.
Give the person 1 dollar, and say nothing. Speaking, or even helping, the homeless is something you would never do.

A friend of yours runs up to you and asks that you help them. Apparently they did something wrong and dont know how to fix it. What do you do?

Help your friend out, but also be their to apologize to the person who's been wronged. Maybe you had something to do with this situation too...
Help your friend, but don't be present for the apology. You did your part, now they do theirs. Why should you linger?

Its time for the talent show! YOu wanted to play a song that you like, but someone got up and sang the exact same song! What do you do now?

Shrug it off, get on stage, and sing the same song, but this time, dance around like an idiot to make the audience laugh.
Simply say you can't participate, and go storm off and be angry by yourself. You wanted that song and then someone had to take it from you. Unacceptable!

You got assigned a group project, and your group looks at you, curious. What is your role in this project?

The leader! I will let everyone get thier ideas out and I will choose the best one that everyone agrees with the most. Even if we dont get the A grade, we will still have tried.
The team-worker. I'll be the one who does the work and yells at everyone to participate. I want that A grade!