Do you deserve to be called Epic?

Do you deserve to be called Epic?

This is pretty much a question of are you, or are you not Epic. Don't be mad if your not (I'm not epic either)

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What do you think of this picture?

What do you think of this picture?
Wow, just wow

What about this picture?

What about this picture?
I killed a dragon before. In my mind I did.
OMFG *laughs*
that's LAME!

Have you ever saved someone's life before? (IRL)

Yes, I saved them from a car hitting them (or something else)
I tried too, but they saved themselves.

How many friends do you have?

More than needed
me, myself, and I

Favorite colors?

well, my favorite color is ---------, but I like all of them
Neon colors
Pastel colors

Cats or Dogs?

I prefer wild animals instead of pets (tiger or wolf)

Do you think I'm epic?

Yussss, you are pretty epic (Me: Thanks bruh)
I guess

Do you think that you are epic?

Not really
I have to take this quiz to find out.
I'm already epic, I just want to take this quiz to show how epic I actually am

Do you like one direction?

They are ok, I guess

Do you like owl city?

No, not really
What is that?

Favorite youtuber?

Deez Nuts! (Me: That's not a youtuber)

Favorite Gaming Youtuber?

Pew die Pie
I don't like gaming youtubers

Do you like MLP?

No, that's lame

Do you have a OC?

No, but I have something better.... :)
What's that?

Favorite Emoji?


Favorite Website?

Do you like Qfeast?

Yes, I like it because I can post my ideas and imagination
Nope it sucks (Me: Why do you even have one then)