Which faction are you???

Find out here if you are Amity, dauntless, erudite, abnegation and candor.

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You see five cakes, you.

Eat none of them, what if someone doesn't get any?
All of them, who cares about those people!
One of them, then stick around to make sure everyone gets one
None, theoratically they include a very bad ingredient called Highotoris that makes...
Whichever one, as long as you pondered over the decision long ebough and shared your opinion,

Your fave name is


You look around at your new school that is called

Elianora institute for knowledgeable ones
Nemisis school of balance
Jasper institute for fearless
Lilly school, a quiet place for quiet minds
Jhon school of simplexity and Love

You are going on a vacation of your choice and you choose?

six flags
A private beach
A debate center
The Tech museum
No where, give your vacation to someone else

Your favorite character in divergent is ...

Johanna Mason
Edith Prior