Who are you? (20)

Who are you? (20)

Searching for your identity in the midst of finals week? Don't fret, take this poll to figure out who you are?

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What's your favorite food?

sweet potatoes
quest bars
rice cakes
anything mint

When do you feel happiest?

getting a good grade
running a marathon
cheerleading football games
when i'm not pissed at my bf
watching tv
with my boyfriend
when I lost two inches on my waist

What's your favorite past time?

Monday nights at the bridge
I don't remember anything
SAE formal
Old South
watching Grey's
eating gummies in the airport

Where do you sleep on a night out?

I sleep at TKE everynight
I sleep at KA everynight
SAE, with my boyfriend!
TKE when I'm not pissed at my bf
my bed
I don't go out
wherever I pass out
it's a mystery
wherever the flavor of the week is

What is your saying?

"You're a bullsh*tter"
"I am NOT drinking tonight"
"I am not going to that" *goes to that event*
"I need to go on a run"
"oh my gawd purebarre!"
"Did ya'll know I have a boyfriend?"
"I need to study"
"I have cheerleading practice"

Who are you at the party?

drunkest person there
the runner
the puker
uh I don't party
where's my boyfriend?
a maniac
can i leave now?
where dem boiz at?