Which Attack on Titan girl is for you?

Which Attack on Titan girl is for you?

A short quiz for you boys to find out witch Attack on Titan girl you want! Will you get a good girl or a bad one! Or will you get one you want!

published on May 20, 201636 responses 1 4.0★ / 5

All righty peoples! lets get started! when during your free time, What do you enjoy most?

staying in and chilling
getting outside and doing stuff
both a lot

what description describes what you want your girl to be like most?

cold,dosent talk much, very protective
crazy, always wants to try new stuff, isn't very productive
cold, very strong, always hide real expression
sweet, kind, very caring
crazy, loves science, and thinks weird things are cute
nice, energetic, comes easy to surprises

if you came across a titan what would you do?

if you came across a titan what would you do?
don't hesitate, kill that thing!
freak out and stay completely still
turn into a titan and beat it up
say you want credit for killing it before killing it
try to capture it
ask Levi for help

If you were taking your girl to restaurant, what would you want?

bread. Just bread.
Anything and everything!
water and other food
different stuff to experiment with
it doesn't matter
a person

Now the quiz is over.

tch. It was okay
all right I'm hungry
Whatever this was a waste of time
I likes it
yes! Now I can go through and change my answers to see who I get!
I don't want to hurt anyone's felling's so I liked it

kidding! This quiz isn't over!

What the crap?
You mean, I can't eat!
I, Will, Kill, You!
Oh well.

If you had an extra thing to wear, what would it be?

A scarf
A bag for food!
a hood
I need my glasses!
I don't know