What kind of girl are you? (5)

Ever wonder what kind of girl you are? Are you a girly girl, a tomboy, a bad bitch, a goody goody, a nerd?

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If another girl is in your face and cussing you out, what do u do?

Ignore her and walk away then report it to the
nearest adult
Slam her in the face with a fist before she can
finish cussing u out
Walk away and cry later in the safety of
potato chips and a new hero movie
Get all of your friends and crew later on and
let them cuss her out for you.
Cuss her ass out right there and slap the shit
out of her if she gets an attitude with you.
Yank her hair out and don't let go until she
stops screaming.

You are given 10'000 dollars to spend in 24 hours, what do u spend it on?

New pair of six inch heels,tight leather
jeans,new handbag,getting your nails and hair
done,new makeup,new jewelry
New bedazzle gun,glittery and glamorous
makeup,flashy heels,expensive sparkly
jewelry, glossy lipstick,a spa treatment,a
ticket to a Madonna concert
Latest VideoGames,new action figures of your
favorite heroes,newest issues of sonic
comics,latest VideoGames controller,new PS4
New textbooks,notebooks,peace for the world
T-shirts,quality pens, sensible smart
clothing,button down shirts
New pair of sneakers,new basketball net,new
football,new jeans and hoodies,football
boots,timbalands,gym membership,tickets to
a the World FootBall Cup

You find out your best friend has slept with your boyfriend/girlfriend your reaction is?

You immediately beat the hell out of your
former best friend and drag that bitch by her
hair around the school halls, then slap ur ex
boyfriend/girlfriend hard enough to leave a
large red mark on his/her face.
You feel bad for urself, go home and eat ice
cream, then buy urself a new pair of glittery
earrings and go on a shopping spree, but not
before u make sure everyone knows what that
slut did with ur ex man/woman
Shrug it off and go home because
VideoGames are better than any boy/girl. You
go home, beat Beyond Two Souls, and talk
shit about ur ex bestfriend with other online
Handle the situation with maturity but make
sure your exboyfriend/girlfriend and ex best
friend know how disappointed you are in them
and that you will never speak to your ex best
friend again. Leave the crying for when u go
Throw a few good punches into your ex
boyfriend/girlfriend and ex best friend making
sure they both have bruises and then tell ur
group of guy friends so they beat him/her up
even more for hurting you.

You murder someone accidentally and nobody is around to see u do it. What do u do with the body?

Dump the body in someone's backyard along
with the weapon used and frame them for the
Start crying and hyperventilating. Call ur girl
best friend and tell her where u are so she
can come and help u get rid of the body,
because u r to hysterical to be of much use.
Do what someone would do in any VideoGame
and get rid of the body along with any
evidence and make certain everything to
incriminate u is gone.
You call the police and shakily tell them
someone is dead. Then when they arrive you
explain the situation honestly, because u
know if u lied the guilt would eat u from the
inside out.
Bury the body along with the weapon then call
ur guy friends and ask if u can come by their
house so u can have an alibi for the night. Fell
guilty, but it was necessary.

You are invited to a party where everyone from school will be at

U decide to go, but only so everyone respects
u and hopefully so u can catch that bitch
who's been talking shit about u and give her a
proper cussout and beating in front of
Of course u have to go. Everyone who is
anyone will be there and u are someone so u
gather all ur girlfriends and plan outfits and ur
arrival to the party with them. They involve
plenty of glitter.
U don't even think twice about going because
u just got the latest version of MineCraft and
want to check it out,however u r Miley
interested in what happens at the party and
ask around at school the next day to hear the
latest gossip.
U decide to go but u only stay until nine or
eight because u have studying to do for that
big exam tomorrow. U try to avoid the alcohol
at the party and the boys so as not to get into
any trouble.
You decide to go but only with your entourage
of guy friends who make certain no guys
mess with u although u do consume more
alcohol than most of the guys there and beat
some of the boys in arm wrestling matches.

You like a boy and want to approach him. How do u do this?

You flaunt ur body and wear new sexy
clothing to catch his eye, but u never run to
him, u simply wait until he comes to u
because u r a queen.
You ask him to help u shop and invite him to
hang with u at ur lunch table, and u drop
heavy hints as to the fact that u like him, and
wear very expensive sparkly jewelry to catch
his eye. You laugh at all his jokes, even the
not funny ones, and do him favors.
You invite him to play VideoGames online with
u and sometimes play VideoGames with him
at his house whil eating a big bag of chips and
soda,dropping questions here and there.
You sit next to him in class and sneak him
answers. You help tutor him at his house and
are always helping him with his work, even
sometimes doing his homework. You enjoy
safe dates with him and build the relationship
You play sports with him and invite him to
football games and u tackle him to the door
and get on top of him purposefully.

You have an upcoming test and you have to study. How do u do this?

You don't. You simply wing it!!!
You invite ur girlfriends over and have a study
night with them while painting ur nails and
flipping through catalogues.
You ask ur online friends for help and them
being geeks help u out and u end up getting
every question right on the test.
U go through all ur notes and textbooks in
one night and binge drink coffee just to stay
awake and study.
U play football with ur guy friend while
reciting as many answers as u can remember.