Cat Quiz part 2, appearance

Cat Quiz part 2, appearance

If you got cat on the last quiz, take this one to see your fur and eye colour! Have fun!

published on February 13, 201712 responses 0

Blaze tells you that you need to go into a twoleg den for supplies, you disguise yourself as a kittypet, what is your collar colour?


You and Blaze entered the twoleg den, there are 8 rooms, wich one do you choose?

The dark one
The well-lit one
The blue one
The red one
The gray one
The one that seems to leed outside
The gold one
The patched one
Turn back

The room leads you to a giant white thing, it smells delicious, you hear a twoleg coming, there are 8 windows, one leading to freedom, which one do you pick?

The black one
The white one
The blue one
The red one
The grey one
The brown one
The gold one
The patched one

You escape in time and scratch of your colour, your tired, you see a she-cat, she is crying, Blaze asks what's wrong, she said that she lost her kit, what do you do?

Help her look for the kit, it can't have gone far
Say sorry and keep going
Make a deal with her
Keep going but search as you go
Tell her that your sure it's alright
Do nothing
Search around the trash cans, the smell could attract a little kit
Reassure the queen that she's not going to get anything done by crying, And keep going
Tell her that if you see a stray kit, they'll bring it to her

you see a stray kit on your way home, it's wailing, it said that it lost its mother, what do you do?

Take it back to that nice queen!
Take it back, the deal is complete
Tell it where its mother is and keep going
Adopt it
Stare at it
Ask it questions and then take it back
Keep going
Offer it some food and then take it back

After returning the kit, you head home, Blaze catches a rat and gives it to you, he/she is about to go hunting again, what do you do?

Go with them!
Stay behind
Tell him to stay back and that it's your turn to go hunting
Go dig in a trash bin
Do nothing
Try to sleep
Give some of the rat to them to eat while hunting
When they leave, go hunting yourself
Eat the rat and curl up