What type of MSP player are you?

Today you'll be finding out what type of MSP player are you. This quiz was not made to offend anyone!

published on July 27, 20169 responses 0

What level are you on MSP???


So, do you have lots of clothes on MSP???

Only the starters...
All my clothes are the nicest EVER!!!!!!
My clothes are all exclusive to the diamond shop.
I've got too many clothes to count!!!

How many friends do you have on MSP???

160 or more!!!

How long have you been on MSP for???

1 week or less
1-3 months
3-6 months
6 months or more!!!

My name on Irish MSP is fashionista888. Will you add me???

Yeah, totes!!!
Ummm... Sure!!
Idk if I have Irish msp...
Well I don't add people I don't know...

So, did you go on MSP earlier??

Of course!!!
Umm... Just to respond to a message
Not yet, but I will later...

Are you VIP?

Yeah duhhh!!!
Well I used to be xDD
Nah. Waste of money!
No, but I want it sooo bad